Business Tax Preparation

There is more that goes into a business than just preparing the taxes. Tax Solutions Group, LLC will be here all year to assist you with tax advice, planning, and preparation to ensure that your business is maximizing its tax perspective. We handle self-employed, corporations, and partnerships for business.

Individuals Tax Preparation

We provide tax planning and advisory services throughout the year. If you have to file in multiple states with millions of dollars of income or if you are just starting out, we can assist you.

Tax Solutions Group specialties:

Entity Formation

A business is only as good as its foundation. Our business team will assist you with selecting the correct entity regarding asset protection.

We establish business entities for clients using a cumulative approach using the best business entity set up. As such, we custom build structures around your goals whether that be building long term cash flow from passive investments or an active business interest or structuring a business to facilitate capital raising. In doing so, we provide in-depth analyses on which U.S. entity best suits your needs, from both a tax perspective and a legal one.

The main U.S. entity types are partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Entities themselves can be customized, but each type has some defining characteristics, as explained below:

  • Confirm name availability with State (maximum of 5 attempts)
  • Prepare Articles of Incorporation or Partnership
  • Complete paperwork with State and submit
  • Once approved, file for EIN with the IRS
  • Depending on business structure, submit appropriate additional documents to the IRS
  • Order customized corporate kit for company legal records
  • Compile all legal records and file in company kit
  • Deliver and explain contents to you